We really need to have a casual date with death. Not a Grim Reaper or stark family in black kind of date, but a casual cup of coffee and free flowing conversation about it. Can we talk about the inevitable with a sprinkle of humor on top of it? New generations crave the transparent honesty of talking frankly about death as an open subject. Funerals are sad and depressing. How about a more non-chalet approach. More Friends, less Downton Abby.


Where does the “sad” come from? The sudden void of someone in your life is indeed unsettling. We miss the person and feel sad for us. We want to prove our loyalty and appreciation. Sympathizing with the family, it also hits us, knowing that death is so close to us. When someone dies, we feel one step closer to loneliness.


Looking past sorrow, you can see death for what it is. An exciting adventure. All is revealed after death. Are our religious beliefs true? Does it even matter? Perhaps the world really is our thoughts, a mental projection. What about the Big Bang Theory? These are the honest discussions humans crave to talk about in an open non-judgmental forum.


We seem to be sure of death even though we know nothing about it, really. It could be wonderful and euphoric, not dreadful at all. Let us be wide open, positive and casual about the mysteries, the sadness and the beauty of dying.


“Rejoice for those around you who transform into the force. Mourn them do not, miss them do not.” -YODA