Honor Your Pet in Life and in Death

Jewelry – its personal, symbolic and can be a treasure to any beholder.  A grandmother’s wedding ring, a mother’s pearls, a great grandfather’s military dog tags- all keepsakes that serve as comfort and a connection to one’s family tree.  The memories of deceased family members hold a cherished place in our hearts. And for many people some of their most precious life memories include their pets. When our beloved furry, feathered, scaled (you get the picture) loved ones pass away we suffer a loss that is painful and just as great as the loss of our human companions.

Personalized pet keepsake jewelry serves as a touchstone and a treasured connection to the memories created with our pets.  At Bailey & Bailey personalization doesn’t stop with text engraving.  The craftsmanship demonstrated with their photo, paw print, nose print, and line drawing engravings is outstanding.  Hold close to your heart a sampling of a pet’s ashes in a chamber that is sealed with a rubber gasket that seals out water and air without sticky sealant. B&B’s proprietary square screw prevents the screwdriver from slipping upon sealing, avoiding scratching of the precious metal.

A pet keepsake jewelry piece doesn’t have to start as a memorialization.  Capture a nose print of your sweet pooch and let B&B engrave it on a non-ash holding pendant, to be worn as a fun personal adornment.  (Both nose prints and paw prints are best captured via a photo so no messy ink!). Have your kiddos draw a picture of your kitty and let the engravers use their precision and skills to create a lovely jewelry piece that can be treasured for lifetimes. And of course photos of your animal companion turns a lovely pendant into a priceless jewelry keepsake. Take a look at all our personalized pet jewelry at http://www.newmemorialsdirect.com/wholesale-pet-noseprint-pawprint-jewelry.aspx and http://www.newmemorialsdirect.com/wholesale-pet-photo-laser-engraved-pendant-cremation-jewelry.aspx.

Flat Dog Tag Noseprint Jewelry shown in silver and gold engraved with nameWholesale B&B Rectangle Pet Photo Jewelry shown in silver and gold optionsWholesale Teardrop Heart Pawprint + Noseprint Jewelry in silver and gold

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