Sensory marketing refers to appealing to consumers senses in an attempt to influence buying behavior.  In this age of technology where shopping on-line has become as commonplace as brushing your teeth, the value that consumers place on brick-and-mortar shopping cannot be overlooked if you want to maximize your revenue opportunities.  Customers truly prefer the hand to touch shopping experience over the digital experience, when given the opportunity.  “Nearly 40 percent of consumers make purchases inside a physical store at least once a week, compared to just 27 percent who do the same online,

We are an e-commerce business. We have a professional, extensive and user friendly web-site.  We like to think that our catalogs and on-line images do a wonderful job of depicting our cremation jewelry.  But what about the opportunity to increase revenue by creating a sensory experience for your families.  Our jewelry displays can do just that.  Have you considered adding to your arrangement room a grand jewelry display? It includes 32 pieces of fingerprint jewelry of your choosing.  Or how about an all in one tower which includes over 50 pieces of cremation, fingerprint and photo jewelry, signage to advertise your pricing, the display forms and the display tower?

At the time of dealing with a death of a loved one decisions are made quickly.  Family members are emotional and vulnerable and they need decisions to be simple. There is no energy or time to do comparison shopping.  They need to be reassured that the decisions they are make are the right ones in the long run.  If they can actually hold in their hands the pendant that will hold the cremains of their lost love, they can make a connection with itt.  If they can create an image in their head of that certain photo they would have engraved on the dog tag that is right in front of them, the sale is more likely.

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